Sites & cities that bear the name of Al-Kharj


Today in : Saudi Arabia
First trace of activity : ca. 9th century C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : Al Saih, السيح‎, الخرج, Al-Khidhrima, Jaww , Jaww Al-Yamamah , Al-Yamâma, Al-Khadharim

Description : Al Kharj (Arabic: الخرج‎) is a governorate in central Saudi Arabia. It is one of the important governorates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is located in the southeast of the capital Riyadh, within an area of 19,790 km2 ~ 4,890,215.5 acres, and a population of 376,325 people, according to the statistics of the General Authority for Statistics for the year 2010. The city of Al Saih (Arabic: السيح‎) is the capital of modern Al-Kharj and its administrative and economic center. In previous periods, the region is better known as Jaww , Jaww Al-Yamamah , Al-Yamâma , or Al-Khadharim . The pre-Islamic legend of the Tasm and Jadis tribes lies in the region of Kharj. At the beginning of Islam, Al Kharj was inhabited by the Bakr tribes , in particular the Banu Hanifa . In 862, the Alid clan of the Ukhaydhirites fled from the Hedjaz to Al Kharj , and made its main city, Al-Khidhrima , the capital of a small state. In the xviii th century, the region Kharj is, with the city of Riyadh, the most stubborn enemy of the first Saudi state, and among the last of Najd to submit to the new government. Later, it is one of the most loyal to the Saudi regime regions, giving refuge to Turki bin Abdullah in the 1820 Egyptian occupation, and soon joining the campaigns Ibn Saud in the early xx th century.

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