Sites & cities that bear the name of Antikyra


Today in : Greece
First trace of activity : ca. 8th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : Anticyra, Αντίκυρα, Antikirrha, Anticirrha, Ἀντίκιρρα, Antikyrrha, Anticyrrha, Ἀντίκυρρα, Port de Arago, Aspra Spitia, Άσπρα Σπίτια, Andikira, Port de Arago, Asprospitia, Antikyraia

Description : Antikyra or Anticyra (Greek: Αντίκυρα) is a port on the west coast of the Gulf of Antikyra named after it. That gulf is a north-coast bay of the Gulf of Corinth. The settlement was made basically on a floor and beach fringing the northeast side of the mountainous Desfina Peninsula. Inscriptional evidence in the region proves that it has been continuous under the same name since classical Greece. Pausanias, an ancient writer, believed that at the beginning of the classical period it had two names, Antikyra and an earlier, Homeric name. Considering that the archaeology from that specific location dates only from the Geometric period, Pausanias' belief about the earlier antiquity of the site is suspect.

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