Sites & cities that bear the name of Baegam


Today in : China
First trace of activity : 403 C.E
Last trace of activity : 645 C.E
Recorded names : 白岩城, Baiyan City, 白巖城, 백암성, Yānzhōuchéng, 燕州城, Yanzhou Village

Description : Yanzhou Village (Chinese: 燕州城; pinyin: Yānzhōuchéng) is a small settlement in Dengta Prefecture of Liaoyang Prefecture in Liaoning Province in China. The village is the site of the ancient Goguryeo city of Baegam (Hangul :백암성, Hanja :白巖城) in Korea or Baiyan City (Chinese: 白岩城) in Chinese. The ancient city was the scene a major battle between the Tang dynasty Chinese emperor Taizong and the Goguryeo in 645 AD. The city dates to 403 AD and was built by the Goguryeo people who occupied much of the Liaodong Peninsula, modern Jilin province, Northern Korean Peninsula and part of the Primorsky Krai in modern Russia. Yanzhou was a major city at the frontier between the Goguryeo and Tang dynasty China. In 642 AD, the Goguryeo had a war with the neighbouring land of Silla on the Korean Peninsula. The Silla appealed to the Tang Emperor for assistance and in 645, the Emperor Taizong attacked the Goguryeo. The Tang first captured nearby Liaodong City. Then in June, they attacked at Yanzhou led by Tang Jun and after fierce fighting and some notable heroics by the Emperor and his generals, won.

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