Sites & cities that bear the name of Caesarea


First trace of activity : ca. 5th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : Paralios Kaisareia, παράλιος Καισάρεια, Καισάρεια, קֵיסָרְיָה, Keysariya, Qesarya, قيسارية‎, Qaysaria, Caesarea Palestinae, Caesarea Maritima, Césarée maritime, Césarée de la mer, Demetrias près de la mer, Stratonos pyrgos, Στράτωνος πύργος, Turris Stratoni, Straton's Tower

Description : Caesarea (Hebrew: קֵיסָרְיָה, Keysariya or Qesarya; Arabic: قيسارية‎, Qaysaria; ) is a town in north-central Israel, which inherits its name and much of its territory from the ancient city of Caesarea Maritima (Greek: Καισάρεια). Located midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa on the coastal plain near the city of Hadera, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hof HaCarmel Regional Council. With a population of 5,127, it is the only Israeli locality managed by a private organization, the Caesarea Development Corporation, and also one of the most populous localities not recognized as a local council. The modern Israeli Jewish town of Caesarea was established in 1952 near the ruins of the ancient city, which received protection within the national park of Caesarea Maritima.

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