Sites & cities that bear the name of Cerro de la Encina

Cerro de la Encina

Today in : Spain
First trace of activity : ca. 20th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 8th century B.C.E

Description : The Cerro de la Encina is an archaeological site argárico located in the municipality of Monachil in the province of Granada , Spain . It rises on a steep hill and its slopes at 780 meters above sea level, on the right bank of the Monachil River. For some time now, it has been systematically excavated. 1 The Cerro de la Encina has provided fundamental stratigraphic sequences to date some phases and the decline of the Argaric group. Thus, JJ Eiroa identifies the following general periodization: - I or chalcolithic -argaric transition . - II or ancient Argar, with which the advanced phase I of Cerro de la Encina would correspond. - III or Full Argar. - IV or late, related to phase IIb of Cerro de la Encina, in which socio-material changes are perceived, the irruption of elements from Cogotas I and the transition to another cultural stage, the final Bronze Age . The Cerro de la Encina, like other contemporary settlements in the interior of the Argaric territory, was protected by a wall and its corresponding bastions . 3 These defensive structures were basically built in stone, while the houses of the town were built using mud walls or adobe walls . 4 Although most of the Argaric ho The phase III of the Cerro Encina corresponds to the final Bronze, during which there was a significant increase in the trade with the area tartésica , with levantina (and through it with the valley of the Ebro ) and colonial settlements Phoenician coastal areas , appearing the first oriental archaeological evidences. The houses, of a family nature, were about 40 m² in size and had a round or oval floor plan. Its necropolis has not yet been found.

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