Sites & cities that bear the name of Faiyum


Today in : Egypt
First trace of activity : ca. 10,000 B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : الفيوم‎, el-Fayyūm, ̀Ⲫⲓⲟⲙ, Ⲫⲓⲱⲙ, Phiom, Phiōm, pꜣ ym, Shedet, Κροκοδειλόπολις, Krokodilópolis, Crocodilopolis, Soukhos, Chédyt, Per Sobek, Arsinoë, She-resy, Médinet el-Fayoum, مَدِينَة الفيوم, Madīnat al-Fayyūm

Description : Faiyum (Arabic: الفيوم‎ el-Fayyūm pronounced [elfæjˈjuːm], borrowed from Coptic: ̀Ⲫⲓⲟⲙ or Ⲫⲓⲱⲙ Phiom or Phiōm from Ancient Egyptian: pꜣ ym "the Sea, Lake") is a city in Middle Egypt. Located 100 kilometres (62 miles) southwest of Cairo, in the Faiyum Oasis, it is the capital of the modern Faiyum Governorate. Originally called Shedet in Egyptian, the Greeks called it Koinē Greek: Κροκοδειλόπολις Krokodilópolis, the Romans Arsinoë. It is one of Egypt's oldest cities due to its strategic location.

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