Sites & cities that bear the name of Glozel


Today in : France
First trace of activity : ca. 11th century C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 13th century C.E

Description : The Glozel artifacts are a collection of over 3,000 artifacts, including clay tablets, sculptures and vases, some of which were inscribed, discovered from 1924 to 1930 in the vicinity of French hamlet of Glozel. Glozel (46°02′N 3°36′E) is part of the commune of Ferrières-sur-Sichon, Le Mayet-de-Montagne, Allier, some 17 km from Vichy in central France. Variously dated to at times Neolithic, Iron Age and Medieval times, the finds initiated a series of claims, counterclaims and heated debates among archaeologists. The objects were all initially dismissed as a hoax. Later research confirmed that some of the items date back to the iron age. After further analysis and dating, the French Ministry of Culture released a report in 1995 which concluded that the site was medieval and later but also contained Iron Age artifacts. It also stated that the site included forgeries, author unknown.

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