Sites & cities that bear the name of Hephaestia


Today in : Greece
First trace of activity : ca. 11th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 12th century C.E
Recorded names : Ἡφαιστία, Hephaistia, Hephaestias, Hephaistias, Ἡφαιστίας

Description : Hephaestia and Hephaistia (Ancient Greek: Ἡφαιστία), or Hephaestias or Hephaistias (Ἡφαιστίας), was a town of Ancient Greece, now an archeological site on the northern shore of Lemnos, Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea. It was named in the honor of Hephaistos, Greek god of metallurgy, whose cult was maintained on the island. It was once the capital of the island (8th to 6th centuries BCE), of which only the ruins remain. The Greek amphitheater dates from between the late 5th and early 4th century BCE. It underwent reconstruction from 2000 to 2004, and in 2010 the first theater play (Sophocles' Oedipus Rex) was played after 2500 years. The theatre has capacity of 200 people in the main area, and additional 1000 outside.

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