Sites & cities that bear the name of Kôm el-Hisn

Kôm el-Hisn

First trace of activity : ca. 22nd century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 1st century C.E
Recorded names : Yamu?, Apis?, Imu?, كوم الحصن

Description : Kom el-Hisn (Arabic: كوم الحصن‎ Kawm el-Ḥiṣn) is a Nile Delta settlement dating back to the Old Kingdom of Egypt with parts dating to the Middle Kingdom. Its location in the 3rd nome of Lower Egypt, or "Estate of the Cattle", focus on the goddess Hathor, as well as faunal and textual evidence suggests it played a role in transporting cattle between regions. Whether or not it was a self-sufficient town or built solely to support the temple is currently unknown. The site's main findings include the Tomb of Khesuwer, a large necropolis, and a temple dedicated to Sekhmet-Hathor. Inscriptions designating Hathor as the "Mistress of Imu", among other similar inscriptions, and the location of Kom el-Hisn have given evidence to the site being the former nome capital Yamu, or Imu. Much of the information on this site from previous excavations is lost or remains unpublished.

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