Sites & cities that bear the name of Kaifeng


Today in : China
First trace of activity : ca. 4,000 B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : Yiyi, Laoqiu, 老丘, Dàliáng, 大梁, Bian, Biànliáng, 汴梁, Biànzhōu, 汴州, Nánjīng, 南京, Dōngjīng, 東京, Biànjīng, 汴京, Qifeng, 啓封, 啟封, 开封, 汴, Kaifeng, Daliang, Bianliang

Description : Kaifeng (Chinese: 开封), known previously by several names, is a prefecture-level city in east-central Henan province, China. It is one of the Eight Ancient Capitals of China, for being the capital seven times in history, and is most famous for being the capital of China in the Northern Song dynasty. There are currently about 5 million people living in its metropolitan area. Located along the southern bank of the Yellow River, it borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the west, Xinxiang to the northwest, Shangqiu to the east, Zhoukou to the southeast, Xuchang to the southwest, and Heze of Shandong to the northeast.

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