Sites & cities that bear the name of Khorramabad


Today in : Iran (Islamic Republic of)
First trace of activity : ca. 20th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 20th century C.E
Recorded names : Simash, Shapurkhast, KhorMoa, خرم‌آباد, Khaydalu, Shapurkhast, Khorramābād, Khoramabad, Khurramabad, Khorram Abad, Khur Ramābād

Description : Khorramabad pronunciation (Persian: خرم‌آباد‎ - also Romanized as Khorramābād, Khoramabad, Khurramabad, Khorram Abad and occasionally Khur Ramābād) is a city and the capital of Lorestan Province, Iran. At the time of the 2006 census, its population was 328,544, in 75,945 families. Khorramabad is situated on the Zagros Mountains. Khorramabad Airport is 3 km south of the city proper. The city population is predominantly Lur and Lak, although the two groups are closely related. Although not a major tourist destination, it is quite scenic and possesses several attractions, such as five Paleolithic cave-dwelling sites. In the city center, a tall citadel called Falak-ol-Aflak (The Heaven of Heavens), a relic of the Sassanid era, is now a nationally popular museum. Economically, it is the regional base of the agricultural industry.

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