Sites & cities that bear the name of La Almoloya

La Almoloya

Today in : Spain
First trace of activity : ca. 22nd century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : 1,550 B.C.E
Recorded names : Pliego

Description : La Almoloya is an archeological site on the southeast corner of the Iberian Peninsula in modern-day Spain. It is a principle site of study for the bronze-age El Argar culture. The site presents a settlement in which approximately 250 people would live between 2200 and 1550 BC, that is, it was active for more than 600 years, being a center of political concentration and wealth of the first order within the political territory 4 . After that time, the ruins were completely abandoned. The Argárica society offers one of the most important archaeological manifestations of the beginning of the Bronze Age , with an important patrimonial legacy. The people of Argar, and therefore also the inhabitants of La Almoloya, lived in a hierarchical, vertical or pyramidal stratified society, that means that there were people who gave orders and who worked by means of obligation so that other people would obey. The Argar developed sophisticated ceramic techniques . Its mining and metallurgy was quite advanced, with the bronze , silver and gold being extracted, possibly from the As mine, working on weapons and jewelry.

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