Sites & cities that bear the name of Ledesma


Today in : Spain
First trace of activity : ca. 7th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : Bletisa, Bletisama

Description : Ledesma is a town in the province of Salamanca (Spain). According to the 2016 census there are 1,767 inhabitants. The municipality of Ledesma includes rural land and covers a total of 141.22 km2 (54.53 sq mi). Its altitude is 730 metres (2,400 ft) above sea level. Its Spanish postal code is 37100. In ancient Roman times, the town was called Bletisa. It is possible that the Bletonesii lived in this area. The oldest vestiges of a regular settlement in this area date back to the 7th century BC: the Cerro de San Martín, the highest part of the Historic Quarter, shelters under the concrete the remains of the old Vetón fort along with several of its homes. It was a communal society based on gathering, ranching and warfare. From this time is its original name, Bletisama, 'the plain on a halt' in the pre-Roman language; (Bletisma> Letisma> Letesma> Ledesma). Ancient Age After this time comes the Romanization, and Ledesma is embedded within Lusitania after an arduous fight between the Roman legions and the Lusitanian troops and guerrillas, serve as an example the case of Viriato , a Lusitanian shepherd from Salamanca and Zamora. It is about this time when Plutarco talks about the Bletonenses, the inhabitants of Bletisa (Ledesma), and tells us how they are prohibited from making human sacrifices of people and horses to sign their pacts and to divine the future. It is known that Ledesma at this time is a city of certain relevance in Lusitania , although today only remains of the wall, bridges and a tombstone embedded in the outer wall of the sacristy of Santa María la Mayor are preserved as reflected below. the following inscription: IMP CAES AVG PONT MAXIM TRIBUNIC POT XXVIII COS XIII PATER PATR TERMINVS AVGVSTAL INTER BLETISAM ET MIROBR ET SALM: "The Emperor Caesar Augustus , XXVIII Supreme Pontiff of the Power of the Tribunes, XIII Consul , Father of the Nation . Term. Augustal between Ledesma, Ciudad Rodrigo and Salamanca ". After the fall of the Roman Empire , this area came under the power of the Visigoths , however, from that time there are no remains in Ledesma itself, but in some nearby towns such as La Peña, and the proximity of the famous and mythical city-state of Sabaria .

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