Sites & cities that bear the name of Lilybaeum


First trace of activity : 397 B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : Lilýbaion, Λιλύβαιον, Marsala, مَرْسَى عَلِيّ, marsā ʿaliyy, مَرْسَى اللّٰه, marsā llāh, Maissala

Description : Marsala (Sicilian: Maissala; Latin: Lilybaeum) is an Italian town located in the Province of Trapani in the westernmost part of Sicily. Marsala is the most populated town in its province and the fifth in Sicily. The town is famous for the docking of Giuseppe Garibaldi on 11 May 1860 (the Expedition of the Thousand) and for its Marsala wine. A feature of the area is the Stagnone Lagoon Natural Reserve — a marine area with salt ponds. Marsala is built on the ruins of the ancient Carthaginian city of Lilybaeum, and includes in its territory the archaeological site of the island of Motya, an ancient Phoenician town. The modern name likely derived from the Arabic مَرْسَى عَلِيّ (marsā ʿaliyy, “Ali's harbor”), or possibly مَرْسَى اللّٰه (marsā llāh, “God's harbor”).

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