Sites & cities that bear the name of Menteşe Höyük

Menteşe Höyük

Today in : Turkey
First trace of activity : ca. 6,400 B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 5,600 B.C.E

Description : The Menteşe Höyük is an archaeological site in the Yenişehir plane at the village Menteşe ( county Yenişehir , Bursa Province ) and about 25 km from the locality Ilıpınar removed. The settlement mound measures around 150 m in diameter and is up to 4.5 m high. So far only smaller probes have been carried out there. The place shows clear parallels in all layers to the older layers of Ilıpınar. While in Ilıpınar the use of clay wattle buildings was given up, this continued in Menteşe. Menteşe was founded earlier as Ilıpınar. The oldest finds date from around 6400 BC. BC, about half a millennium before the oldest finds of Ilıpınar. What is particularly striking are the similarities in the funeral burial between the two places, where the dead in both cases were buried in oval pits under the house floors or in open areas. From the late 7th millennium there is a burial of a woman in a stool position in Menteşe, which was 70 cm below a house floor. The deceased were generally buried in a stool position, some of them lying on a wooden board. Vessels were only rarely added.

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