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Rebala burial ground

Today in : Estonia
First trace of activity : ca. 8th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 7th century B.C.E
Recorded names : Rebala muinsuskaitseala, Jõelähtme

Description : The stone graves in the Rebala burial ground (also Jõelähtme ) are the oldest stone boxes in Estonia . They are located near the village of Rebala in Harju County , east of Tallinn . The stone boxes come from the late Bronze Age , the 8th – 7th centuries. Century BC They are similar to the much younger ones on the Trullhalsar burial ground on Gotland . The typical shape is represented by the 20–30 cm high, circular stone settings with a careful border of dry laid stone tiles. There are also stone circles with field stones as border or filling. In the center there is often a stone box made of stone, adapted to the human body. The plants form the easternmost form of the Nordic bronze culture. In connection with the construction of the highway, archaeological excavations took place under the direction of Ants Kraut from 1982 to 1984, during which a total of 36 stone graves were discovered. The examined graves were moved next to the new road. The Rebala monument reserve ( Estonian Rebala muinsuskaitseala ) on Lake Maardu, created in 1987, contains over 300 archaeological remains, mainly from the Stone Age, on an area of ​​around 74 square kilometers. It is one of the most important in the Baltic States .

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