Sites & cities that bear the name of Teudjo


First trace of activity : ca. 21st century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 2nd century C.E
Recorded names : t3yw-ḏ3yt, Ta-Dehenet, Ta-Dehenet-our-nakhtou, Tayu-djayet, Ankyronpolis, El Hiba, el-Hibeh, الحيبة

Description : El Hiba (alt. el-Hibeh; Arabic الحيبة) is the modern name of the ancient Egyptian city of Tayu-djayet (t3yw-ḏ3yt), an ancient nickname meaning "their walls" in reference to the massive enclosure walls built on the site. In Coptic, it was known as Teudjo, and during the Graeco-Roman period it was called Ankyronpolis. In antiquity, the city was located in the 18th Upper Egyptian nome, and today it is found in the Bani Suwayf governorate.

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