Sites & cities that bear the name of Uraiyur


Today in : India
First trace of activity : ca. 3rd century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 9th century C.E
Recorded names : Thirukkozhi, Nikalaapuri, Uranthai, Urayur, Kozhiyur, Koliyur

Description : Uraiyur is an area of Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, India. It was the capital of the early Cholas and Muthurajas, who were one of the three main kingdoms of the ancient Tamil country. Sometimes spelt as Urayur, this location is also known as Thirukkozhi, Nikalaapuri, Uranthai, and Kozhiyur or Koliyur. It has a history dating back to before 200BCE There is definite mention of the Cholas, whose founder was Vijayalaya and their capital in Ashokan inscriptions in Orissa pushing back the antiquity of the Cholas as well as Uraiyur to 272–232 BCE, which was the period of Ashoka (ca. 304–232 BCE) who was ruler of the Maurya Dynasty of Pataliputra (modern Patna). Inscriptions and rock edicts of Ashoka and the Satavahanas describe Urayur as "the citadel and centre of the Cholas". Uraiyur was ruled by Karikala Cholan.

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